It’s All In The Technique

I’m not very artistic. Painting has never been my forte. Apart from turning out truly inspirational finger paintings when I was little, I don’t believe anything I’ve ever attempted to portray with a brush has even been recognizable.

My dear husband is equally not gifted. Possibly even more not gifted than me.

Yet we willingly joined a group of friends to be a part of an evening of painting and conversation, food and fun, as we were led to paint pictures of unnamed-6hydrangeas.

Yup, we all painted posies. The same posies, to be precise. An activity we had actually chosen to do as a group.

For fun.

This is a relatively new form of entertainment in our area. Where people who have little to no artistic skills learn how to paint a predetermined picture. A guided experience.

A lesson in applied humor.

unnamed-7There were six couples, and we painted the same picture as mirror images so it would look like one big picture. We were led through the process of how to apply the paint, the use of different brushes and composition.

unnamedEven though we all painted the same flowers, none of them looked the same. Even though we each followed the same teacher, none of ours looked just like hers. Even though we were together, we all had different experiences in following the process.

There were definite similarities. Same flowers, same colors. But what was stunning was how each of us interpreted that process.

I’m not going to lie. In the beginning, the guys weren’t thrilled about this activity. Food, drink and trying to please wives were huge motivators. But tounnamed their credit, they were champions of positive thinking and seeing the fun in this.

Each painting, though admittedly amateur, was beautiful. Because each was unique. Wonderfully different. With the same model, it was our personalities, our unique parts, that influenced the way we painted. unnamed-3

Those must have been the quirky parts.

Different. Not bad or lacking. Not wrong or less valuable.

Special in their differences.

Like us.

unnamed-3Each of us is so wonderfully different. Special in how we’re not the same. Though our desires are often similar–being known, being loved, belonging, making our mark on the world, security–the way it works out never looks  like anyone else.

I often get put out by others who are different from me. Too many times I think my life would be easier if more people thought like I did.

The truth is that life would be boring. Too vanilla. The fun is in the difference. The fact that I don’t know what to expect from others all the time. That diversity makes for richness in life experiences.

And it’s all because God made each of us with passion and intention. Specifically.

King David knew what that meant. His Psalms are full of that knowledge.

“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  Psalm 139:14

We’re all made with that same lavish love, for a greater purpose than we can imagine. Created in His image. Beautifully.

And much like those paintings, it’s His unique brush strokes in our stories that makes us remarkable.

5 responses to “It’s All In The Technique”

  1. alice fredricks Avatar
    alice fredricks

    Love it! But where are you and John by YOUR painting?! Great application to how God made us…unique…at least that’s what the paintings were! 🙂


  2. When I think about me – I don’t listen to HIM always either, Dayle – And HE DOES want to talk TO me and not AT me. I REALLY don’t want to ignore HIM because HE has more significant things to say than ANYONE else! [Guess that REALLY makes me for the birds!]
    The Painting bit for 6 couples is really GREAT – for me, a has-been artist, Dayle and John. And for entertainment yet! As well, each person seeing it differently – like them! Psalm 139:14 says it well! To think I am created in HIS image is REMARKABLE!


    1. You are so wonderfully thoughtful! Thanks, Lois, for your continued role of love and encouragement in my life.


  3. You are remarkable indeed! 🙂 What a fun activity to do with friends! (PS I’d like to see your and John’s painting too!)


    1. The painting wasn’t nearly as comical as watching everyone else do it. So enjoyable. So very eye-opening when you think how we approach projects and challenges like this really says something about us.


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