Can You See Me Now?

Walking is my go-to exercise of choice. My chance to be outdoors and moving. Both of which seem to be good for me.

I don’t need a lot of equipment. Shoes are useful. (Except on the beach, where they become your worst enemy.) Clothing that can breathe with me. Especially if my breathing becomes erratic due to too much exertion. Having something on me that can breathe in spite of me is also useful.

The time of day I enjoy walking, though, makes one more item essential.

In the dark, early morning, I need something that can be seen. That can make me visible. Something that can reflect light.

Or better yet–a light.imgres-1

I don’t do the flashlight thing–too awkward. I’ve not bought reflective tape to put on my clothes–never remember. I don’t own anything that could be called reflective–I’m too cheap to get something I can’t use for other purposes.

I’ve found a hat that fits the bill. Which is actually funny, because on the bill of the hat are little lights. Rather like tiny headlights you can put on high beams or low.

My daughter, Debbie, makes fun of it. She was with me when I got the hat–on sale! (Her comment: “There’s a reason it’s on sale, Mom. It looks dorky.”)

Maybe a little.

The fashionistas aren’t up at the crack of dawn, so I can live with dorky. What I truly cared about was being able to be seen by others, especially on some of those dark roads, when bike riders come out of nowhere (yes, even at that hour) and almost bowl me over.

unnamedThere’s also this Harry Potter experience I have every time I walk past this certain light post. It blinks off the minute I pass by it.

Downright creepy.

There are those times in life when I really want to be seen.

When I want someone to take notice that I’m present, because of a relationship or because I’m trying to make a point I think is relevant.

When I’m lost and need to be found.

When I’m lonely and want to be known.

With those little lights on my hat, you can see me coming from quite a distance.

If you’re looking.

There are times though, when I choose to hide in the darkness. Not creepy Halloween hiding to scare people.

The kind of hiding that reflects that I’m not too proud of what I’ve done or said. When I don’t want to be known in the moment.

When hiding feels like the lesser of all evils.

But it’s the light I need. Even when I don’t think I need it.

Jesus made many references to being Light. Light we need to see life as it is. To see Him for who He is.

“When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, ‘I am the Light of the world. Whoever follow Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.’”   John 8:12

I really don’t want to walk in darkness. Too many things can go wrong. Too much can be lost. Too many could be hurt.

If I can learn to rely on the light of Jesus in my life, He will expose the things I need to see so I can deal with them. The things that could hurt me if I continue to bumble in the darkness.

He’ll show them way better than my little hat headlights can.

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