Bye Bye To The Doggie In The Window

Chelsea, the fostered pup, went back to her bin at PetSmart. She was loved well enough by my daughter’s family that they knew this wasn’t a good decision for

They were right. I had been so wrong.

What was funny was my sweet husband. John had been in Wisconsin during this time, out of service range, so he was in the dark about the goings on of his scattered wife. Her great intentions gone awry.

All because of a puppy.

When he finally got on the plane Monday, he found my blog. Saw the story of Chelsea. And texted me in a panic.

“Do we have a dog? Do Heather and Jeremy have a dog?”

My quick response: “Are you scared?”

“I don’t want to be surprised,” he countered.

“And yes, I’m scared.”

He has good reason to feel that way. We’ve had three dogs in our family, and all of them have been acquired while he was out of town.

Not subversive behavior on my part. More like increased freedom due to the removal of a filter.

Our first dog, Lucky, was found by a blind lady.


She’d been walking with her seeing eye dog and he followed her home. My oldest daughter saw his ad in the paper and called. She was told Lucky’s story. With a vague description of what he looked like. (Blind, remember?)

Not even close. The poor thing had mange. No hair except on the end of his tail and tips of his ears. And he was terrified of men.

John found out about him when he returned home from a trip overseas and found a dog dish in the kitchen. Subtle.

The second dog, Addy, came when he was on the west coast. I answered an ad claiming the pup being sold was part Sharpei, part Jack Russell terrier.image

Not even close. We took her to the vet who said she was probably 80% pit bull. She only lasted eleven months. We gave her away after a few wrenched shoulders and a total inability to walk her without being dragged.

Then there was Pudge. John at least knew we were looking for a dog. We got him at the pound while John was at a conference. Pudge was a sweet companion and faithful watchdog for sixteen years.

images-2One out of three really isn’t bad.

So John’s concern was grounded in experience. He’s been gone a lot lately, so the specter of a new canine companion at the house was a very real possibility in his mind. I’d love to have another dog.

But right now, with life the way it is, having a new puppy isn’t feasible. Isn’t logical. I get that. I’m not crazy about it, but I get it.

It would encourage John immensely if I accept our present reality and not keep pushing the issue.

I’m really good at pushing the issue.

Pushing to get my way rarely feels good.

Solomon said it best.

“The wisdom of the wise keeps life on track; the foolishness of fools lands them in the ditch.”   Proverbs 14:8

Being wise means thoughtfully looking at my circumstances and applying truth to the situation. God is the Giver of all truth and wisdom. Relying on Him for decisions makes more sense than relying on the limits of my own logic.

Even if it means forgoing a puppy.

The first photo is of Chelsea, the one-night fostered puppy.

The second photo is one of our dog, Pudge. He died a year ago.

The third photo is courtesy of

4 responses to “Bye Bye To The Doggie In The Window”

  1. Oh Dayle, I feel your pain. I missed my Stryder terribly on my walk this morning… I pray that God’s wisdom is comforting to you…


    1. I know how hard it was for you to lose Stryder Maybe when you get home here we can go dog shopping together. I may tell John. Or not.


  2. Love your words.. I loved Pudge. I called him the gentle giant among a houseful of craziness. He was so sweet and loving, and I still remember what you and I had to do when I brought Zoe…we had to take them for a long walk so they would tolerate each other. They had been friends, and then, things changed. There is something about a dog that gives us understanding, and if you are lucky and have a good one, you can see the faithfulness, love and confidence things will be alright because they love you, no matter if you are gone longer than you should have been, or step on them, or even yell at them – they come back and love you. If you are sad, they try to make you happy. And, you can also sense the way the Father loves us, and wants us to let Him in so that He can fill us with His love, grace, faith, hope, trust…..


    1. Pudge was a gift in so many ways. Thanks that you shared a love for him–as well as being his step mom on so many occasions.


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