When Going With Your Gut Bites You In The Butt

I’ve not been a person known for my strategic thinking. Or planning. Or focusing on details.

Thinking is often not a term used when describing me. I’ve learned to live with that.photo-8

The lack of that gifting is definitely a bum-biter.

With the parents gone and Nana in charge, I did what any self-respecting adult would do with four children on a Friday afternoon.

We went to the pet adoption center at a local pet store.

Why would anyone do that, one may ask, if the intent is not to adopt a pet? Why, indeed. Possibilities abound.

I wasn’t considering those possibilities.

Upon arriving at the store, we found a plethora of pups, ranging in age from six months down to ten weeks. All were adorable, as pups are. But this bin of beagle mix sweethearts caught my eye. And I stopped. And my granddaughter, Sydney, reached in and grabbed a little gal that was beyond adorable. The smallest of the six, she was able to draw us in with those beautiful brown eyes.

I was smitten. So was Syd.

We played with her for a bit, and all the kids seemed to enjoy her. So much so that they gave her a name. Chelsea.

Not a girl’s name, mind you. The name of a Premier English Soccer club. Go blue and white.

IMG_6210I asked if they’d put her on hold for us so the parents could come in the morning to see her. Of course not, they replied.

But you could foster her for the night. Take her home for a trial run.

So without considering any consequences, I signed up.

We got her home. Bathed her. Introduced her to friends and neighbors.

And then we went to the airport to pick up the parents.

At this point, my brain engaged. What had I been thinking?

They’d just gotten rid of a dog that was hyperactive and not family-friendly. Both parents had spoken of choosing a dog as a family, if they actually did decide TOGETHER that a dog was appropriate.

With great talent, I circumvented the whole process. Did it my way.

The kids were thrilled when we picked up their folks. Couldn’t wait to tell them they were fostering a puppy. I got quizzical looks from both. Then they talked of their conference and all they’d learned.

I felt like the kid who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

I knew better. I just didn’t think how my actions had disrespected my daughter and son-in-law. Or what that demonstrated to their kids.

They’ve forgiven me. But it’s hard letting go of what seems to be a recurring issue with me.

“I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway. But if I do what I don’t want to do, I am not really the one doing wrong; it is sin living in me that does it.”   Romans 7:19-20

I have this tendency to choose wrong because at my core I don’t have capacity to do consistently what is right. Sin.

Jesus has forgiven me and freed me from that which I can’t free myself–my own brokenness. His grace is my path to hope, freedom and life.

That’s a truth that doesn’t bite.

9 responses to “When Going With Your Gut Bites You In The Butt”

  1. alice fredricks Avatar
    alice fredricks

    Love it! So where’s the puppy now? At your house? I SO identify with doing and THEN thinking! We learn by experience not “thinking” first! The world has all kinds, Dayle! Love you!


    1. The puppy went back to her bin. So sad. But I get it. I still want a dog–but I’ll be patient! I love the fact that you get me–I still want to be you when I grow up!


  2. Did they keep the puppy? I can’t believe you did it, but Dayle, we do love that spontaneous side of you and I’m sure your kids do too. I love how you desire to learn and grow.


    1. No, they didn’t. It really was for the best–I get that now. John’s made me promise not to go to PetSmart on the weekends. Without him.


  3. You got it Dayle – it’s all about what HE has done for Isley and You and me too – by HIS grace – [when we don’t deserve it and generally it involves my sin!] You also say it with emphasis in Romans 7:19,20. I have the tendency to choose wrong as well, because of my sin! HIS grace has GOT to be involved in my pathway to hope and freedom in life also!


    1. Oh, Lois, you make my heart smile! I have to cling to that grace moment by moment!


  4. Hey, lady! You can’t just leave us all hanging like that!! I’m not even an animal person, but I’ve learned not to visit a rescue or pet store… and certainly never to hold those darling little things! We ended up with our last puppy when our sweet girl brought her home for a trial night too! 🙂 AHHH, I just wouldn’t ever make it in this life without forgiveness!


    1. I hear you, my friend! Have I learned my lesson? Not so much. But Chelsea went back–and I’m still holding on to my marriage! All good.


      1. … And good to hear! Love to you!


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