When Being Pursued Is The Best Thing Ever

“So, are you guys gonna just date forever?”

It’s a question that’s been asked often of our fourth child, Courtney, and her boyfriend, Michael. They’ve been dating  close to two years–not an epoch, mind you, but quite awhile. And we haven’t had a wedding since the end of March! Get on with it!photo-5

When Courtney met Michael, there was an attraction based on fun. (And various personal qualities.) Both love the outdoors. (Courtney’s outdoor persona has ratcheted up a few notches because Michael is a true mountain man.) And both have an innate sense for sniffing out new and wonderful places to see. New Things to do.

Plus Michael can cook. Really well.

We knew Michael was something special when he kept showing up at family weddings. (Rarely do you find people willingly choosing to enter into family celebrations that aren’t their own unless they’re intentional or are operating a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  Gratefully Michael is all there.)

What was most telling, however, was when he joined us this year for our family plus vacation. (Family plus eight fun friends.)

Five condominiums. Many meals together. Joint outings, including all of us getting lost while hiking in the Rockies.

Michael did have his own room. It had two sets of bunk beds. In case the grandkids wanted to join him. (So he chose to sleep on the top bunk. A well thought through choice. Kudos for his wisdom.)

What I find heart-warming behavior is that he’s chosen to pursue my daughter knowing the peculiarities of her family tree.

When he asked John for her hand in marriage while we were all at the family vacation, his first comment was, “Boy, you’re sure a hard man to get alone.” Six kids, four in-laws, four grandkids and a plethora of family friends make that a given.

photo-4Not to be put off by the complications and whimsy of family, Michael proposed to Courtney on the beach of Big Sur on Labor Day.

Real love means pursuing at all costs.

Having a fair idea of what he’s in for, knowing it won’t always be easy or comfortable, has not kept Michael from wanting to marry Courtney. He loves her that much.

God loves us like that.

He pursues us with a divine obsession. Knowing what He’s getting Himself into. Knowing it won’t be easy. Knowing it will cost Him. But loving us so much He won’t quit on us.

“But God is so rich in mercy, and He loved us so much, that even though we were dead because of our sins, He gave us life when He raised Christ from the dead. (It is only by God’s grace that you have been saved!)”           Ephesians 2:4-5

It’s been a privilege and pleasure watching Michael pursue Courtney. To see someone who loves my daughter so well that he will choose to stay the course with her.

God has pursued me with a divinely passionate love. As He does all of us. The kind of love where He knows I’ll disappoint Him, but He will never allow that to lessen His love for me.

When I hear Him whisper in my heart, “Dayle, do you love Me?”, there is only one possible answer.

I do.


8 responses to “When Being Pursued Is The Best Thing Ever”

  1. Love this! There’s going to be another wedding!


  2. #truelovestory Such a sweet and powerful story. All of us need to be loved. Thanks for reminding us of His eternal love there for us always.


  3. Love your Courtney and I am so happy for her and Michael. My favorite memory of Courtney is when we would come home after her baby sitting and just smile. Cause there was remnants of “FUN” all over the house. The girls especially LOVED and ADORED her. What a wonderful adventurous wife she will be and Lord willing – mother some day. Love you Dayle.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Lori! Hard to believe those days were so long ago–and everyone is growing so fast!


  4. Loved this!! And I am so happy for you all. I hear it was a well kept secret 🙂 Think of you guys all the time. Hope Tiffany and Ramsey are settling in down South. Very strange for Jessie to be here without Tiffany and/or Trisha around. Soon she will be gone again too.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us – cannot tell how many times I have read your blog and it hit the right chord – this was another one.


    1. Thanks, Ann, for you kind words and sweet thoughts. I miss seeing Jessie, too! Everything feels so different–time changes things so quickly. Tif and Rams are so grateful to be on their own. Finally. I just miss everybody!


  5. Congratulations!!! What a nice new!!! And thanks for sharing about the humane’s love and God’s love.


    1. Gema, you’re such a sweet encouragement. So–you two need to come for the wedding! We don’t know when–sometime next year. But we’ll let you know!


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