Here Comes the Bride

Our son got married the day before Easter. His five sisters, who love him deeply, had fully vetted and approved of his soon-to-be wife–no easy task. It was a beautiful day–finally. The week had been overcast, windy and chilly. But the sun came out, the weather warmed wonderfully, and the stage was set for genuine celebration.

Mark had waited patiently for a woman he could love with his whole heart. He knew he was making a permanent choice, one that he would not, could not frivolously change or discard. When he met Jillian, he found a woman who not only captured his heart but also challenged him to be the man he wanted to be.

Watching them exchange their vows beneath a lush canopy of trees before a crowd of friends and family was an emotionally charged moment. He’s our only son, the one who is most like his dad in temperament and personality, the one who put up with the love and grief of five sisters and lived to tell about it. And there by his side was the woman who was now the great love of his life.

Crazy love, deep joy, monstrous anticipation, magnificent possibilities.

This day before Easter, as vows were said, rings were exchanged and two stories converged to become one, I was reminded of another wedding that will take place. The wedding to end all weddings. When I–and all who have come to know the resurrected Lord of Easter–will be joined with Him for eternity in the wedding that begins our heavenly experience.

“Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: ‘Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.’” ¬†Revelation 19:6-7

There are those in this life who may not find the person of their dreams. There are those who may never experience the joy of marriage. But everyone has the opportunity to know what true love and intimacy is with the One who created them, loves them and has chosen to give His life for them. To be part of the wedding celebration that unites us forever with a love better than we can imagine.

When Mark and Jillian married, they made a commitment to stay together till they were parted by death. Jesus made a commitment to us by conquering death for us that we might know what real life is.

To be loved, chosen, cherished, celebrated.

A marriage made in heaven.

4 responses to “Here Comes the Bride”

  1. Oh, today I am so grateful for a love that stays even beyond death.

    Thank you for sharing how Mark’s waiting came to fruition in Jillian. I’m praying the same for my boys.


  2. Love it Dayle, how you tie life up together with our daily experiences. I’m glad the wedding was a beautiful day and a great experience.


  3. Oh Dayle – I Believe also – Resurrection Blessings/Love/Intimacy – even with a FOREVER tacked on – what Hope of Glory! And to be Loved, Chosen, Cherished and Celebrated is indeed a Marriage made in Heaven by Him! [Your son, Mark, is the one child we haven’t yet met, but we send a Shout Out of Congratulations for him and Jillian!!!]


  4. Sweet post by a sweet mama! And I love your new blog look! Well done, friend! Love visiting here! Love knowing you!


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