“Pops’ and Nana are going to stay home, and they’re yes-ers.  You guys are no-ers, so I’llDiptic stay with them.”  This quip came from Teagan, who always has an intriguing way of expressing things.  With everyone home for Christmas, shopping was a never-ending reality, especially with five daughters and two granddaughters.  The gals were going to look for post-Christmas deals, and I was actually going with them.  But this comment not only made me laugh; I wanted to know just exactly what he was talking about.

With a grin he informed me, “You and Pops let us play with the iPad.  Mom and Dad don’t always let us.  They say “no” a lot.  So I’ll stay here with you and play the iPad.”

Of course.  Pops and Nana are the yes-ers.  We’re grandparents.  That’s our job.  We accommodate the children because we want our place to be the fun place.  The place to which they look forward to coming.  Not, “Oh, no, not there!”, but fist-pumping in the air “Yes!”  And, honestly, at our age and permanent level of exhaustion, saying yes to the iPad gives us a little break as well.  Besides, I’ve had 33 years of being a no-er parent. Being able to say “yes” is absolutely delightful.  I want my grandkids to enjoy being with us.

But it’s not just letting them play on the iPad that makes being here fun.  It’s knowing we love them, that we’re safe to be with, that we won’t hurt them or demand too much of them.  It’s because we engage with them, going to practices and games and cheering on their victories and empathizing with their defeats.  We’ll back up what their parents say (most of the time) and encourage them to become all they can be in the Lord.  Just as our children matter to us, so do our grandkids.  They are all special.

And then I saw God in the middle of this.

It’s not as if I forget about Him.  But I confess that I sometimes overlook the Father aspect of who He is.  He is the One who truly delights in me.  The One who wants me to enjoy coming to Him, no matter what.  The One who is always there when I need Him because He will never leave or abandon me.  He is the Great Yes-er–the One who gives of His love lavishly, who never shames or humiliates me, who knows what I need better than I do.  He is also the great No-er–the One who will deny me what I ask for because He knows it isn’t good for me, the One who challenges me with circumstances that feel hard, impossible, because He knows that in them I’ll grow and trust Him more.  It’s because He delights so much in me that He gives me exactly what I need to mature.

I think God looks forward to us being in heaven more than we do.  We’ll finally get it.  Questions will be answered.  Mysteries solved.  All truth will be revealed.

And we will see Him as the truly Great Yes-er

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  1. Grace4mE says:

    Let Him delight in you, Dayle, and you in Him, so that when you see Him, face to face, you”ll REALLY get it ALL! Love you both! Curt and Lois


  2. Sounds just like us, Dayle. But I have to sneak a little to let them play games on my iphone or ipad. Truth on many levels here.


  3. Oh how I identify with your being a “yes-et”. A great stage of life to be in! The “no-ers” are needed too even as with our LORD! Thank you, Dayle, for putting in words what is SO true!


  4. So glad that my kids (and their parents) get to enjoy your status as “Yes-ers!”


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