Why an iceberg?  A big, cold hunk of ice floating randomly in the ocean, a piece of glacier that has broken off its home turf.  I’m not a cold, independent lonely ice floe.  I’m a wife, mother, nana and a general lover of people.  But I’m fascinated by what an iceberg is–so much more than meets the eye.  The bigger part of each berg is below the water line, out of sight to most observers.  Unless you know what to look for, it’s relatively easy to assume that what you see is all that you get.  Much like people.  So often we see one another as what we are in the moment, how we are perceived in that particular instant.  But we are each a story, co-written with God, and where we are in our story is a reflection of all that has gone before that moment.  To really know me is to know my story.  The whole of it.  Not just the tip of the iceberg.

And we are all part of God’s bigger story.  We are broken off from His home turf by sin, and our hearts will only find the hope of their longing when we are restored to Him through Jesus Christ.  Each of us is His image bearer, made in His likeness, and yet we’re all adrift from Him by our choices.

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  1. 4thedogs says:

    Susan referred me. Great blog!


  2. Bob Mills says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your absolutely lovely comments; and for taking the time to visit and follow my blog.
    I shall now look forward to our future updates and will of course be following you also from now on?
    I felt very motivated and inspired by what you wrote; and I am looking forward to getting to know you more my friend?
    Kindest regards


  3. frogsandmoons says:

    I love this! So much truth to it;)


  4. BJ says:

    I know I’ve stopped in and read your posts more than a few times, but I usually come and go without commenting. Shame on me. Anyways, I’m just letting you know that so much of what you have written is appreciated and you’ve been nominated as one of the recipients the first time I’ve ever done one of these awards things. Be blessed.



    • daylerogers says:

      BJ, I’ve been a fan of yours for some time. I love the way you paint word pictures that make the Scriptures come alive and become more readily applicable. I appreciate your kindness in this. No clue what it is. But it’s encouraging of you. Keep on with what you’re doing, my friend. You’re reaching so many with your clear words and beautiful pictures.

      Liked by 1 person

    • daylerogers says:

      BJ, I’m so sorry I haven’t responded more quickly. I’ve been out of town for two months and just getting my blog out was an act of faith. I’m truly appreciative of your kindness and your words of encouragement. Your writing has been a real delight to me–your way of thinking, your ability to put pictures into words, your commitment to making Scripture applicable is a gift. I appreciate the award–I’ve not ever done one of those things, so figuring it out was a bit of a booger. But I’m grateful. Thanks for blessing me. In so many ways.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Brad Beaman says:

    Hi Dayle,
    Thank you for sending the Rogers family 2015 family picture. The nineteen of you all look great!

    Happy NewYear


  6. ashdapoet says:

    Liked your page. Beautiful! Check mine out.




  8. Beautiful blog Dayle. I love your iceberg analogy. It’s what initially hooked me! I use the analogy often as a professor. Looking forward to sharing ideas of hope & grace. 🌹


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