Hi I’m Dayle.

I’m a twin, a sister, a wife, and mother of six, and a nana of seventeen and counting. I’m a lover of people because I’m a follower of Jesus. I enjoy meeting new people and have the capacity to talk to just about anyone anywhere. I’m a verbal processor—I have more words spilling out of me than many want to hear, hence the desire to begin this blog. I’ve been a storyteller since I was little, fascinated by imagination and using narrative to capture and share ideas. We are all part of a greater story, and helping others discover their roles as we relate to each other is a passion of mine. I laugh a lot, and loudly, and I love to have fun. Watching soccer with friends and family—all my kids have played and now several of the grands are playing—reading, writing, and good conversations bring me joy. Join me on this journey of reflection and refreshment. And fun.