What Part Of Me Do You Really Want To See?

I’ve had the privilege/responsibility these past few weeks to participate in meetings of a higher calibre than I’m used to attending. Having an opportunity to have a voice in these arenas was wonderful.

I had to search hard for my professional self to make sure she’d show up.

She wasn’t easy to find.images-2

It meant putting on my big girl shoes and adult clothes (hear no jeans, T-shirts or soccer flops) and engaging in discussions that had a broader impact than my little world.

I believe what I do is highly significant and impactful. But I usually deal more one-on-one.

Wearing jeans and soccer flops.

I typically work off-site from our offices. It works well for me. So when I show up at headquarters, it feels, well, different.

It was quite encouraging to be at the table. To say things that have been on my heart.

To be heard.

Not every day though.

I haven’t chosen to have a wardrobe that could sustain that reality.

I often surprise myself that I’m more multi-dimensional.

I think people struggle with that picture of God. That He’s multi-dimensional. And beyond what we can understand.

I was having a discussion with someone recently where the concept of a kind and just God came up. She commented that this was the reason folks struggle with the existence of God–they can’t conceive that a loving God could tolerate injustice and suffering on the grand scale we’re seeing it happen today.

I know God to be loving and kind. I’ve experienced it. Even when I know I don’t deserve it.

I’ve also experienced the injustice of someone else choosing to hurt me and my family. Some of those hurts go deep; they won’t be imgres-2forgotten.

We’ve all been hurt or have suffered at the hands of others who’ve made bad choices. I’ve made painful choices that have hurt others. God doesn’t stop me–or anyone–once our minds have been made up to do something selfish or hurtful. To do so would mean we’re merely puppets in a cosmic drama with no ability to choose our own way.

God, to be who He is, needs to be loving and just. Compassionate and pure. Caring and holy. If I try to eliminate any one of His character qualities, He becomes less than God.

And not worth following.

The multi-dimensional character of God trips me up because He shows up as who He is–not always as I want Him to be.

I’m not looking for a divine grandfather who’ll kiss my boo-boos and say it’s all ok.

This world isn’t ok. It’s broken and messy and dark. And it isn’t home. For those who know Jesus, heaven waits.

I need a God who is powerful and good and holy. One that can’t be swayed from truth by a good story or a sad face.

I don’t fully understand God. If I did, He really wouldn’t be all that He needs to be. All I need Him to be.

He longs for His voice to be heard. For us to know Him and all that He is.

That’s my professional opinion.





4 responses to “What Part Of Me Do You Really Want To See?”

  1. Amen. I need God to be way more than who I understand Him to be too.


  2. You rock Dayle and you look good whether it is flip flops or an evening gown.


    1. Love you, El. Thanks for being such a sweet and consistent supporter of my writing. It means a lot.


  3. Dayle, I’ve experienced GOD to BE LOVING and KIND, as well – when I KNOW I don’t deserve it! And HE does long for HIS voice to BE HEARD, Also! Blessings!


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