Little Feetnotes

Isley made it down the aisle at Courtney’s wedding. Throwing lavender. Which she didn’t believe were flowers at all. (There are no petals!)

She wore sparkly red shoes. No boots.unnamed

When we arrived in Colorado for the wedding, Isley wasn’t keen on the boots her mom had packed. Being the flower girl, she didn’t think they were appropriate. She was mumbly grumbly about not looking more like a princess.

Courtney, the bride with a heart, bought her shoes with bling.

A thoughtful gift of a girly thing.

Isley was beside herself. Shoes she could appreciate. She wore them immediately. To the park.

They lost a little of the bling in the sand and dirt.

Still wedding functional.

unnamed-2The day of the ceremony, with the rain coming down and the mud coming up, I was concerned that Isley would slip. The bottoms of the blings were pretty slick.

I thought we’d have to use the boots.

It’s a good thing I’d forgotten them. They couldn’t be an option.

When God cleared the clouds and brought the sun, my concerns dried up as well.

Watching her cavort in her red sparklies was a picture of pure enjoyment. It was good that she had such pretty shoes for such a special occasion. It was appropriate that red bling be a unnamed-1part of the wedding.

It’s fun having and doing things that bring delight and smiles. That give life.

I’m not talking more stuff and clutter. Not big things that only crowd my life, but the small reminders of wonder in the world. The beautiful sunsets. The chance to write a good line of prose. Genuine laughter with friends. A new book that I’ve been wanting to read. A quiet moment on my back porch.

A pair of red sparkly shoes.

These weren’t a deal breaker. But they were joy makers. Deliverers of delight.

I get caught up in the must do’s and the should have’s of life. In my rush to get it all done, I can miss the very things that relieve the stress of a tough day. Those sweet gifts of genuine joy in the moment.

God delights in giving me those things. He gives good gifts to those who are His as a reminder of His joy in His own. Gifts that remind me that He knows me better than anyone and knows what makes my heart sing.

“So if you sinful  (broken) people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask Him?”   Matthew 7:11

God, who made me in love, is the best One to to know what will bring joy to my heart. As I learn to lean into Him, trust Him for my needs, He offers those gifts of a loving Father to a daughter He cherishes. A child He enjoys.

Good gifts that give life to my soul.

I need to ask Isley if those shoes come in my size.













10 responses to “Little Feetnotes”

  1. A good block of prose. You made my morning.


    1. Your kindness knows no bounds. Dorothy would have been so proud of those shoes.


  2. Oh, I love this post, Dayle. You are a joy maker, life giver, delight deliverer in my life! Love you!


    1. I think this is something you and I do for each other–give joy and delight. Your support and encouragement means more to me than you know.


  3. Karen Shoemaker Avatar
    Karen Shoemaker

    Sweet….very sweet. I noticed those red shoes. They made me smile. I wonder what “red shoes” God wants me to give to someone today….or what “red shoes” He wants me to enjoy if I’ll slow down down enough to enjoy them. Thanks Dayle.


    1. Couldn’t hardly miss them, could you? Red and sparkles and fun. Oz shoes! Thanks again for being there and being a part of a really special day for all of us. Just having you there was a gift of great value.


  4. I love red shoes too! My favorite! Some kids never grow up..glad it went so well.


    1. Sometimes you have to be Dorothy and wear the red shoes.


  5. A little Red, Isley “Bling” goes a long way, Dayle! Joy and Delight! HE goes a long way, as well! HE brings HIS own kind of Bling and Blessings for you/me, doesn’t HE?


    1. His bling and blessings top anything you or I could even imagine. Love you, Lois!


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